Introduction: At-Home Orienteering

A curriculum for orienteering developed for Cambridge Public Schools by Barb Bryant and Ethan Childs



Find Five and Clues

Hide and find objects

Features and Symbols

Use symbols to represent objects

Clue Sheet Orienteering

Visit the objects in the sequence shown on your clue sheet

Make a Map

Draw a map and mark the object locations

Indoor Courses

Keep your map oriented while you do a course

Each lesson includes sections on learning goals, vocabulary, safety and reflection. We start each lesson with a comic strip and an introduction.

These games are under active development. Our programming and business has taken a severe hit due to Covid-19; if you enjoy these lessons, please consider making a donation to Navigation Games. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Also, please send us an email ([email protected]) with your feedback!

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